Gracia Backer

Thank you…

Thank you to so many people who gave me their support, their hard work, their encouragement, and their contributions, without which, I could not have run this race.

Tonight we hold our heads high.   We ran this race based on issues, not distortions and not lies.  We answered your questions.  We offered solutions.  We ran a tremendous race and told the truth. We faced the problems head on––no dodging, no dancing around, no “I’ll give you an answer after I get into office”.  We set the bar high and we expect it to be honored.

This campaign–including nearly 600 contributions––was funded by people who believed in what I proposed, what I wanted to do, and how I said I would accomplish those goals. I did not seek, nor did I receive, contributions from those who had their own agendas.

I believe in my government.  I love my government.  It is not the enemy.  What causes sadness and concern is the pure hatred that seeps into every corner of our lives from social media to TV ads to mailers to simple conversations between neighbors.  We must address this divisiveness and bitterness.  And we must do it soon or it will be our downfall. Our country cannot survive this level of continuous hatred.

To my supporters, your kindness will never be forgotten.  Don’t quit.  Don’t drop out. Don’t let pessimism win.  Don’t let it rule our state or our nation.

I am eternally grateful for those of you who have stood tall with me. Keep up the good fight.


Gracia Sig