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Gracia knows how the state legislature works and how it should work!  Political posturing and six-figure outside campaign contributions don’t create jobs, fund our public schools, help our working men and women or rebuild needed infrastructure.

She knows that working together and compromise are important to the legislative process. She’s done it before and she will do it again!


Send Gracia Back To The House

The purpose of this website is to provide information about my candidacy and inform the voters of the 49th Legislative District about my positions on the issues of most importance to you.

During my years of public service, my goal has always been to be as transparent and open about my beliefs and positions as possible. No voter deserves less from an elected representative.Back to House 1

Having 18 years’ prior service in the House of Representatives, I–– unlike my opponent––have an extensive voting record.  Not much is guaranteed in politics, but I can virtually guarantee you that some of the hundreds––perhaps thousands––of votes I have cast will be criticized.  That’s the unfortunate stuff of politics.  Informed criticism is fair, but I would ask you, as an engaged voter, to separate the partisan rhetoric from undeniable fact, and then weigh the criticism accordingly.

The job of a state representative, in my view, is to combine the position of the majority of voters in his/her district on major issues with his/her best judgment in representing the district. With this process in place, the best decisions can prevail.

I want voters to know what I support and why, what I believe, and what I hope to accomplish in the future.

I hope this website will provide you with the information you need to elect an experienced representative who requires no introduction to statewide policy making and who can best solve the serious problems that we face as a state.

I’m ready to serve Callaway and Cole Counties in the Missouri House of Representatives.

The only thing I need is your vote!

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Backer Ad for 9-21You may download the Letter to Citizens of House District 49 here.

Needed:  A Forward-Thinking Legislature

Along with the many unique assets of Callaway County is the Missouri School for the Deaf, established by the state legislature in 1851. It holds the distinction of being the oldest state supported school of its kind west of the Mississippi. Today’s legislature lacks that kind of foresight. Let’s change that.